cadview – 2: Running on Windows

Here are two examples of cadview clients running on Windows. The first is simply the earlier gladeui sample built on Windows using MSVC. Headers and libraries for GTK+ ( need to be installed. A VC++ project [1] was created to refer to the gladeui source files. The project is located at /src/msvc/gladeui. No significant changes were made to the gladeui source.

The second example is called winui and talks directly to the Windows API and GDI+. When handling paint events we require an object using which to perform graphics output. In the GTK+ case, I could simply create the cairo_t object within the handler. In case of the Windows API, the output must be performed via an HDC which is passed as a parameter with the WM_PAINT event. In order to accommodate this, cad_gui_view::paint was modified to take a cad_gui_view::graphics_type& as a parameter. winui is located at /src/msvc/winui in the repo.

  1. ^ I had to fall back on a handcrafted MSVC build since CMake failed to find GTK+ and Boost on Windows. The MSVC solution can be found at /src/msvc/msvc.sln within the repository. boost::regex ( headers and libraries need to be installed for both examples.

Linux Package Names

Package Name on Repo
GNU Standard C++ Library libstdc++
Documentation for the GNU standard C++ library libstdc++-docs
The Boost C++ headers and shared development libraries boost-devel
HTML documentation for the Boost C++ libraries boost-doc
Apache HTTP Server httpd
The MySQL server and related files mysql-server
PHP scripting language for creating dynamic web sites php
A module for PHP applications that use MySQL databases php-mysql
Free Feature-rich PHP Mailer php-swift-Swift
Development files for GTK+ gtk2-devel
The Boost C++ headers and shared development libraries boost-devel
C++ support for GCC gcc-c++