“There are stopped jobs”

Seeing this message when trying to exit bash means some interactive processes launched from this terminal are still running in the background. Use the jobs command to list them. Use fg <n> to bring job number n to the foreground and exit the process properly.

As an example, if a command being piped to less exits and less is left hanging without anything to show, it goes to the background. Example:

This means that less is still running in the background waiting for input. Here’s how to bring it to the foreground and exit it.

In this case, after fg 1, it is not immediately clear what to do. But since I know that it is less that’s running now, I hit q (since q is the less keystroke to quit).

Qt4 Development on Ubuntu – 1

Searching Google for [qt development ubuntu] took me to this article which details downloading and installing binaries from qt-project.org. I found from other sources that simply installing the qt4-dev-tools package (using apt-get or synaptic) is the easier option.

“Getting Started Programming with Qt” is a very good introduction to programming Qt. One quirk I came across in the code in that article is the qApp pointer. What looked like a typo turned out to be a global pointer to the QApplication instance (similar to MFC’s CWinApp instance).

I did not like the “private slots:” syntax. That is not standard C++. I think I liked almost everything else about Qt that I have seen so far.

Further reading:

Linux Package Names

Package Name on Repo
GNU Standard C++ Library libstdc++
Documentation for the GNU standard C++ library libstdc++-docs
The Boost C++ headers and shared development libraries boost-devel
HTML documentation for the Boost C++ libraries boost-doc
Apache HTTP Server httpd
The MySQL server and related files mysql-server
PHP scripting language for creating dynamic web sites php
A module for PHP applications that use MySQL databases php-mysql
Free Feature-rich PHP Mailer php-swift-Swift
Development files for GTK+ gtk2-devel
The Boost C++ headers and shared development libraries boost-devel
C++ support for GCC gcc-c++