So little time…

So much to read.

Leave alone the entire body of classics or the fiction that gets churned out seasonally. Just think of every single Wikipedia article about notable people. Can we even read every one of those in our life time? Today is Schumi’s birthday and I found myself on his wiki page and now I’m wondering if I will even finish reading that one page. I bet someone will edit it before I have finished. And I will have to read it again.

Then every time I hear of some conflict or dispute on the news ISIS, Syria, Ukraine… or even Telengana, Cauvery, Maoists out here in India. Will I ever be able to catch up on those?

And the media is busy distracting us with Kim Kardawhatever’s bottom. I deem it insulting to even find out how that name is spelt. Dhoni’s retirement from Test cricket, reviews of phones, cars, cameras which will be forgotten in two months. Noise. Who does it serve? I am reminded of that saying “Economics is very useful as a means of employment for economists”. Maybe that’s what media is all about these days. Employment.

Then there are those lists of books to read before you die. What about those we read after we die? I personally feel that that will be a far more interesting list. At least we will have no time constraint then.

Will anyone even read this?