Blue food

There was this bar near Bowring Hospital, Bangalore. Food was decent, prices reasonable, the crowd a quiet one. Given all this, it should have been very popular. But it wasn’t and it was never full.

They claimed seafood as their speciality and the nice Mallu owners chose to have ocean themed interiors. That meant a lot of blue.

A popular theory goes that the reason for the mediocre patronage was mainly due to the fact that while the colour Blue was clearly the colour of the sea it was nowhere close to being the colour of food. Samudra Bar and Restaurant no longer exists.

Today I drink at Manoj Dhaba.

Less obvious things to take care of before a trek.

  • Stretch before you start the trek. This will make your joints flexible in advance so that there are no surprises (sprains, muscle tears) during the trek.
  • If your trousers are hung low, they can interfere with your gluteal muscles (i.e. bum 😁) as you walk. Similarly bulky things in your trouser pockets can mess with your thighs. Just make sure all muscles from hip downwards can contract and relax freely…
  • Except around your ankles. They could do with some support. Ankle height boots. Firmly laced.
  • Trim your toe nails. Especially the big toes. You really don’t want a toe nail coming off halfway through a trek.
  • Carry a plastic bag to hold your electronics for when it rains
  • Extra briefs (i.e. chaddi 😁), trousers, t-shirt
  • Carry medication for diarrhoea, nausea, tummy trouble.
  • A hacksaw blade is useful if you ever need to cut branches, rope, metal. It takes very little space. (This is only for emergencies, in usual circumstances default BASCOOL policy holds: leave no trace behind! 🤫)
  • Make sure you are not carrying any precious/important non-essentials like ID cards, vehicle documents (except for ones related to the vehicle you are using for the trip), keys, jewellery.
  • Carry ORS or alternatives (Gatorade, enerzal) to avoid muscle cramps.
  • To be continued…

Chembanoda, December 2019

These pics are from a road trip to Chembanoda, Wayanad on a Yamaha FZ25 motorcycle.

Day 1

Bangalore – Bellur cross – Nagarhole – H D Kote – Gonikoppal – Tholpetty – Lakkidi

Between Bellur Cross and Nagarhole

After forest checkpost 1 refused entry; on the way to checkpost 2
After checkpost 2 refused entry. Decision time. Go home or find another route.

Drove to Lakkidi via Thithimathi, Tholpetty. Decided against bedding down at a bus stop when I lost GSM/GPS at one point. Lots of chetas glad to help with directions.

Reached Lakkidi Grace Inn around 11p. Lucky to find Hotel Thattukada open after 1230a for some Shark Curry and Parotta.

(P.S: After the trip I learned there are leopards in Vythiri area. No more nocturnal gallivanting in these parts.)

Day 2

Lakkidi – Peruvannamoozhi Dam – Chembanoda – Mananthvady – Gonikoppal – Bangalore

Leaving good old, trusty Lakkidi Grace Inn early next morning.
Lakkidi View Point
Lakkidi View Point
Lakkidi View Point
Lakkidi View Point
Lakkidi View Point
Very crowded. Entire stretch was like this. – Lakkidi View Point
Phone towers in the distance – Lakkidi View Point
Outside Hotel Prosi
Road to Chembanoda
Road to Chembanoda
On the road to Chembanoda
On the road to Chembanoda
On the road to Chembanoda
Road to Chembanoda
Peruvannamoozhi Dam
Peruvannamoozhi Dam
Tea break
End of the road for the bike at least. (Good thing I stopped at Lakkidi last night; no hotel or homestay in sight.)
Turned around. Now to find that church.
Immaculate Conception Church
Immaculate Conception Church
Many km later. Vegetarea.
That’s 991km.